Strategic impulses & Sustainable processes

Strategic impulses & Sustainable processes

My abilities and skills

  • On the basis of my knowledge, experience and competence I can provide substantial contributions to the different levels and fields of action to safeguard and improve mobility for all in a changing society. The core of my expertise relates to the integration of urban spatial and mobility planning in urban development strategies with the aim of enhancing the quality of life and the quality of the environment in cities. Thereby, a a special focus is on the use and allocation of public urban space.
  • My expertise includes the necessary negotiation processes between politics, city administrations, stakeholders and society as well as supporting the development of appropriate framework conditions on the national level.
  • Regarding innovation and the development of new ideas, my role is to provide guidance to their implementation in such a way that they help to achieve the interests of cities and those of the people living there. Innovation is more than just a business case: it ought to contribute substantially to the needs of a city and the people

My services

As a consultant I offer a broad range of services for municipalities and city administrations, authorities, companies, associations and NGOs such as:

  • Development of political mobility and transport strategies on different levels
  • Political consulting
  • Monitoring of creative planning and discussion processes (for general strategies as well as for concrete projects in public space)
  • Evaluation of new mobility concepts and technologies, thereby ensuring their compatibility with the needs of the cities regarding all possible consequences of their implementation
  • Lectures, keynotes, presentations and moderation at conferences and workshops